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Transforming Your Outdoor Living Space

As the winter weather begins to break, it’s common for most of us to look at our property and imagine enhancing out outdoor living spaces.  Many yards on Long Island and throughout the Northeast have incredible untapped potential.  Most homeowners, however, have no idea where to start with their search for outdoor home furnishings. Some start by looking for outdoor furniture near me, patio furniture stores in my area, outdoor furniture dealers or furniture warehouse Long Island to start with. 

Will planting a few flowers do the trick?  How about buying a shiny new barbecue?  We come up with many ideas for outdoor living rooms Long Island NY like living room furniture or living room set, sometimes even elaborate masonry projects.  While beautiful stonework is a way to transform your backyard, have you ever considered the impact of a new furniture or even quality outdoor furnitures like a dining room furniture or even a bedroom furniture?

Every Spring, thousands flock to the local box store, perusing the endless supply of home accessories, drab plastic table and chair sets, where the only creativity is which umbrella color to choose. At the end of the day, so many of us walk away with a result that is less than exciting.  This should not be the case!  There are beautiful outdoor quality furniture options with quality pieces from a reputable furniture store out there that have affordable prices and will not break the bank. You just have to know where to look and what is available to you.

Outdoor Furniture Long Island Showroom

Types of Outdoor Furniture | Consider your space

The key to choosing the right outdoor furniture is knowing the space you are trying to fill and the purpose of that area. Do you have a large deck or patio where you would like to entertain?  Is there a fire pit table that family and friends will gather around?  If not, should there be?  Perhaps you are looking for a quiet place to read a book and sip a drink or need proper seating for relaxing Saturdays.  

Anyone can open a folding chair, but the right outdoor furniture can bring the comfort of your living room poolside! remember, the goal is not just to find a place to sit!  It’s about transforming your outdoor space!

Here are some types of outdoor furniture Long Island homeowners should consider.

  • Outdoor Dining Sets
    – Tables
    – Chairs
  • Deep Seating & Conversation Spaces
    – Sofas
    – Loveseats
    – Adirondack Chairs
    – Beach Chairs
    – Wicker Chairs
  • Bar tops and High top Tables
  • Fire Pit Tables
The possibilities are truly endless.  The key is evaluating your space and its desired use.  Then, with the right direction and creativity, you can select the right outdoor furniture for your home.  

Outdoor Seating

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Outdoor Dining Sets

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Outdoor Accessories

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Want to know where to buy outdoor furniture Long Island? Here's a few options...

As Long Islanders, we are extremely demanding when it comes to quality.  We have the best beaches, the best pizza, outdoor showrooms and the best accents in the world!  Remarkably, outdoor furniture is an easy place to make compromises.  It’s just a table and chair set right?  It’s interesting that we don’t think about our dining room table this way.  Enjoying outdoor furniture can span spring, summer, and parts of fall.  That’s a potential 75% of our year.  Do you enjoy being outside? Then the right outdoor furniture is an investment.  

Here are a few places for outdoor furniture Long Island residents can go to look at what’s available in the market.

Big Box Stores & Discount Clubs

Outdoor furniture Long Island

If you go to your local big box store or discount club, what you’ll find is outdoor furniture that’s mass produced in sets that are either overpriced for the quality or suspiciously cheap.  Either of those 2 are never a good thing.  

At these large stores (we won’t name names), God forbid you have a question.  With all due respect, the person who works in plumbing or stocks the auto parts section probably isn’t too knowledgable in outdoor furniture.  They can’t really guide you on the right patio dining set or deep seating arrangement.  These very nice people may have never even set up a backyard living space before.  

Pros buying outdoor furniture in Long Island big box stores

  • You can do the rest of your shopping at the same time.  
  • Lower prices (maybe)
Cons buying outdoor furniture in Long Island big box stores
  • Staff generally not specialized
  • Limited selection
  • Unknown quality for the price

Online Shopping for Outdoor Patio Furniture

It’s no secret that more people are shopping on the web than ever before.  While there is perceived convenience in shopping for outdoor furniture online, there are also a lot of variables.  How do you know what you are going to get?

For one, there is nothing like experiencing the furniture you are going to buy.  It’s one thing to look at pictures, but another to sit on a chair or at the table.

Pros of buying outdoor furniture online

  • Convenience of shopping for items at home

Cons buying outdoor furniture online

  • No human professional guidance
  • Unable to experience the furniture before purchase

Outdoor Patio Furniture Outlet Stores

Outdoor Furniture Salesman

There are specialized outdoor furniture stores Long Island can check out.  They are usually bunched together on main roads with big signs like “HUGE SALES EVENT” and “SEASON”S CLEARANCE!”.  These are typically gimmicks to get you to walk in the door.

The problem is, when you walk in, it’s similar to a used car lot.  Commissioned sales people are pushy, inventory is limited. and that is a recipe to walking away unsatisfied.  Don’t get pressured into buying something you don’t love.

So want to know where to buy outdoor furniture Long Island?  Now there is a family owned showroom where finding you exactly what you need is far more important to just “making the sale”.  

Pros of buying from an outdoor patio furniture outlet store

  • You may find something you like… maybe

Cons buying outdoor furniture from an outlet store

  • High pressure sales driven environment
  • Inventory limited to items that maximize profit margin

Outdoor Furniture Long Island Showroom Opens | Welcome Home Outdoors

The Venezia family has always served Nassau and Suffolk County in providing solutions, patio furniture Suffolk County for enhancing the home landscape.  We have been the landscape supply and design professionals trusted locally for decades. Our huge selection of fountains and water features have contributed to the many great back yards on the North and South Shore.  But what is the missing element for many?  The answer is Outdoor Furniture! There is a real need for furniture stores in Nassau county.

That is why, given our decades of experience helping local homeowners, we have launched Welcome Home Outdoors!  Our Mineola showroom has quickly become the place for high quality outdoor furniture Long Island trusts.  The difference is simple.  We have partnerships with high quality manufacturers and a vast inventory.  Our team is passionate about outdoor living.  Our trained staff are outdoor design experts, not professional sales people.  

When you book a design consultation with one of our experts, you can expect us to listen to your needs.  We will help you select the right outdoor furniture for both your space and budget.  The same commitment to satisfaction that has been a passion for the Venezia family is now applied to the experience in buying outdoor furniture Long Island has been looking for.

Other Projects and Items to Consider

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There are several other projects that you might consider for transforming your exterior living spaces.  We don’t want our friends and neighbors to get us wrong.  It isn’t just about outdoor furniture Long Island!  We have the rocky North Shore and the sandy beaches along the Great South Bay. Let’s not forget our friends in centrally located towns like Garden City, Islandia, and Centereach, just to name a few.  

Over the years, we have worked in nearly every town.  Here are some other projects or items to consider.  

Custom Water Feature

The sound of water cascading down stone is so relaxing.  As part of our landscape design services, we can provide an no cost estimation on constructing a beautiful pond or waterfall.  Maybe a fountain is what you desire!  Our showroom Fountains of Long Island is a great place to consider these gorgeous structures.  Check out our inventory at http://fountainsoflongisland.com/

Pergola and Pavillion Installation

Building a structure like a pergola or pavilion is a game changer.  Not only do you add shade and an additional barrier from the elements, but they are a jaw dropping addition to your properties aesthetics.  Imagine entertaining guests under the roof of your very own outdoor getaway.  Maybe its a quiet escape you seek for a cold drink and a good book.  

We are proud to be the pavilion and pergola installation company Long Island looks to for these beautiful structures. 

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Custom Fire Pits and Fire Pit Tables

The sound and sight of water can only be rivaled by the crackle and glow of a fire.  Since the dawn of time humanity has gathered around a flame to tell stories and fellowship with one another. Consider adding a fire pit table or custom fire pit to your space.  We have manufacturers that create amazing pieces to go with your outdoor furniture or our team of experts can create one out of stone.

To schedule a free estimate click here

Whatever your outdoor needs, our family is proud to serve you and the Long Island community!  

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